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January 14th, 2005

02:01 pm - Recruitment
any lists you make, please xpost to de Book_of_ListsBook of Lists!
Current Mood: hopefulhopeful

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October 25th, 2004

10:50 am - Keywords for 2004.
  • strength

  • love

  • poetry

  • power

  • learning

  • politics

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September 15th, 2004

10:11 pm - Names I'm considering for the children I'm not
Current Mood: mellowmellow

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June 28th, 2004

09:31 pm - my short shit list
life is shit at the moment becasue
~ my parents are getting a divorce.
~ my livejournal account is going to expire in a few days for some stupid reason unless i get a paid account.
~ i gained 2 kg from eating comfort food and now can't fit into my clothes.
~ the weather has been really shit.
~ everything is so boring and stupid.
~ i'm angry and i want to hurt people but i can't.
~ my bottled up anger and resentment is pissing me off.
~ i keep having these dreams in which my life is being threatened.

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May 12th, 2004

11:25 am
hello. I'm a list-whore. I make lists from lists. for example, I make a weekly list of things I need to get done, and from that I make a daily list.

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November 5th, 2003

03:26 pm - sing, sing a song
songs i have imagined singing onstage:
- my heart will go on -- celine dion -(dark stage in a huge concert hall, lights get brighter the whole song, but still remain dim until the huge note 3/4 through the song -- then the spotlight goes on me WHAM! and then you can see the orchestra behind me and everyone cries because it is so beautiful)

- a praise chorus - jimmy eat world - asked up on stage at an outdoor concert to a small crowd, the band are old friends of mine. i've also had one where they're people i don't really know, but they didn't like me at first because they think i'm not cool enough to hang with their friends or something. so they challenge me to come up on stage and sing any song they throw at me -- and that's the song, they think i won't know anything outside of britney spears. and i rock it!! and they love me, of course. i also love to sing the line "whatcha gonna have to say for yourSELF?"

- i fall to pieces - patsy cline - i can sing low really well, and i've sung this a time or two at strange karaoke places. i usually picture singing it karaoke style in front of co-workers at a night out during a conference.

- they won't go when i go - stevie wonder (i love the george michael version) - once i was stopped at a railroad crossing for a long time, i had all the windows down, and was blasting this, the george michael version has his voice layered so it sounds like a huge choir, it's gorgeous and emotional, and i was singing it really loudly (although the stereo was on so loud my voice wasn't audible) and the guy in the car next to me stared the whole song, smiling. i have always imagined sitting behind a piano on a dark stage singing that.

- not the same, but i've imagined having these songs sung TO me in a dark club (specifically picturing the bottleneck in lawrence, ks) -- all from coldplay, but it wasn't chris martin singing, it was imaginary boyfriend who happened to have written all the coldplay songs -- 'shiver', 'yellow', and my absolute favorite ever, 'sparks'. now i want 'green eyes'.

seems like there should be more but can't remember right now

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November 3rd, 2003

02:04 pm
yesterday, i
  • drank three bowls of milk through nine tim tams, saving two for today

  • cried a lot, just because i could, because it's better than nothing

  • achieved 35% on the short-answer section of a methods prac exam

  • did not want to impose myself but ended up calling her anyway

  • wished so badly that it wasn't so easy to feel we'd been too far away

  • tried to become an activist because otherwise i'd realise i do nothing

  • [wrote letters to retailers asking them to sign this ethics code
  • ]
  • became very very afraid that maybe i wouldn't change the world

  • Current Music: fiona apple: i know

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    October 30th, 2003

    11:40 pm - newbie.
    wow, glad i found this place. i remember saying somewhere, sometime, in a writing community, that someone should make a list community called listless or something.

    xoxo julz

    things that i am worried about right now
    • how she still has my knife and could well use it

    • the fact that i've hardly studied at all for my exams

    • what homework i've probably forgotten to do

    • life in general [regular existential crisis, all good]

    • my selves [regular identity crisis, very healthy]

    • if he's doing okay -- seemed good last we spoke but... yeah

    • that i'm getting pathetically "oh i miss you" after not-so-longs

    • how some girl at school overheard too much about me

    • whether or not the next few weeks will be bearable

    Current Mood: worried (can you tell?)
    Current Music: the cure: never enough

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    July 18th, 2003

    12:25 am - foods im addicted to right now:
    -tamari roasted almonds (sweet salty decadence)
    -hip whip (dairy free whipped cream. mmmm.)
    -eden chocolate soy milk ( i drink that while im eating the almonds)
    -pea pods ( good thing i like these because our neighbors have an over abundance of them growing in their garden and have been giving them to us in huge bags. dinner ever night this past week has been pea pods that have attempted to be fixed in some new and different way)

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    June 28th, 2003

    02:33 am - hi. im new.
    this is everything i have to do between today and tuesday:
    -help my mum entertain my family at our house
    -help her work a gate at the fair in my town
    -go to see whale rider with eva
    -get together with stephanie and ashlea
    -clean my room
    -call alison
    -get driving directions
    -rent books on tape for trip
    -get together with jenny
    -take pictures of stencil grafitti around town
    -drive to maine
    Current Mood: anxiousanxious
    Current Music: postal service

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